We all want to prepare delicious and nutritious food like great chefs, and then we spend a lot of time, resources and effort in the kitchen with regular results, one of the basic aspect of cooking like a chef is the right equipment, if you have supplies that make your life easier, you will immediately notice the difference in your food and your mood too, cooking will become an easy and pleasant activity where you also take care of your health with taste.


Many people can think that the most important thing to take in count when we cook is the recipes and/or the ingredients, but if you don’t have proper supplies, the process will be slow, tedious, difficult, some processes described I’m some recipes will not be achieved, and the resultant food will not be as good as it should be, a good equipment of quality will complement the knowledge about cooking and the quality ingredients to give you a nice experience and a great meal.


5 indispensable supplies to help you to cook like a chef


Some supplies are essential for our kitchens and life is wide better with them, if you want to know the difference between simply cook and cook like a professional, acquire them, you will not regret it.


1- Chef knife, first we are going to need good and sharpen knives, that is a basic thing for every kitchen, and among them, the star is the chef knife, it is extremely versatile and will mean a huge difference compared to a regular and generic knife not sharpened enough, a well sharpened knife can make clean cuts and we can cut food in very small pieces quickly, which saves time and effort.


2- Cutting board, this is a very important item, it should be made of hard wood, it is more secure than those made of plastic or glass which also can wreck your knives, but for meat, and because we don´t want to mix things we can use an acrylic cutting board easy to clean.


3- Measuring cups and spoons, these ones make your life in the kitchen very easy, you will love them each time you prepare a recipe that indicates all kind of measures for a delicious food, make sure your measure spoons are long and narrow enough to fit in jars, but sturdy, so they don´t bend or break.


4- Utensils like mixing bowls, colander, meat thermometer, vegetable peeler, kitchen tongs, carpet cleaning, you will use them for almost everything, and you will see how easy you cook and they are essential in every kitchen.


5- Kitchen electrical appliances, blender, can opener, electric hand mixer, food processor, once you start to use them you will not be able to live without them, in fact, there are a lot of things that you can’t make if you don’t have these useful devices.