As humans we are able to create, innovate and improve, we can transform a need into an opportunity, an obligation into a fun activity and the most basic things into an art, that’s what we do with our need for nutrients, people has turned the process of cooking into a wonderful profession and food into an artwork.


Most people know how to prepare food, but not everyone can do it as a chef, some are more skillful than others, and it is a fact, we all love a delicious food, the question then is; how to get better at cooking in order to prepare amazing, tasty and nutritious food as easy as it can be and using less time?, well if you don’t want to study the career, you can use some tips that will make you work in your kitchen fluidly preparing incredible dishes.

5 tips that will help you to be better when you cook


1- Practice, this is the first secret for success in everything you want to accomplish, even in the kitchen, prepare the same dishes over and over again, practice the techniques until you can do it fluidly and become an expert, you will feel yourself more confident, and the risk of incidents and/or injuries will reduce drastically.


2- Your feelings are important, motivation can help you to improve your skill, prepare what you like, you will be more excited cooking something that you consider delicious and cook for several persons, that will motivate you to prepare more complex dishes and you will do your best if someone else will taste your food, you also should cook dishes that look familiar, stick to your roots, it will make you feel more comfortable.


3- Use the right tools and equipment, there are a lot of good equipment and tools you can use to cook like a professional, and it is not a matter of style, your food´s flavor and quality will be affected according the tools and equipment used, so it worth it.


4- Use the best ingredients, more quality in your ingredients means more quality in your food, do it and you will feel (and taste) the difference, and always keep plenty of ingredients in your kitchen, you don’t want to run to the store to buy something just when you’re trying to prepare those special recipe for an important moment.


5- Organization, the best chefs have impeccable kitchens, with everything organized, they have all ingredients and tools in their proper places, easy to find and easy to store, that will make your cooking process more fluid and easy, besides that do what they do when they cook, before start with a recipe, they have all they are going to need at hand, the ingredients already selected and vegetables chopped, you will feel that is very easy and pleasant to cook in that way.